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Time to Collect || Faberry

Quinn was in her manor in Lima. Ohio wasn’t quite agradable to her, It had that feeling of 50’s with victorian houses with white picked fences, people that still cultivate traditional habits, and that were extremely religious. Nothing like New York, where she lived before, and surely reminded her of how life used to be when she was still alive, but at least the vampire could run her loan business in peace.

Everyone knew that vampire was a real thing. The stepped out of the shadows a few years ago, when their community decided that it was time to finally try to have a peaceful coexistence with humans. Some humans have not accepted it very well, and started to chase them. Those “hunters” were very pathetic, since all they knew about vampires was just folklore or stories told by the church, but they were annoying and Quinn didn’t have much patience with them, at least in Lima they fear her enough to come only when they were desperate. And this was Leroy and Hiram’s case. The Berry were the only gay couple in Lima, and therefore, Hiram and Leroy believed that the city should show how successful a homosexual couple could be, so they liked to squander and spend on luxuries. The bank couldn’t give they a loan to maintain their high standard of living when Leroy lost his job at the hospital, then they came after her.

"Miss Fabray?" She turned around with a smirk on her lips. The vampire had expected that the duo would come after her. Her hazel eyes stared at the black man and the short jew who cowered with fear when he saw her fangs. "I hope you come here with my money." Quinn crossed her arms, enjoying the situation. 

"You see miss Fabray," The dark skinned man, Leroy, start to talk. "We don’t have any money. All our savings went to save Hiram’s office, and the bank took everything we have. So we want to give the only thing we have… Our daughter Rachel. She’s nineteen, she’s beautiful, can sing, dance, knows how to bake and can do whatever you need."  The vampire raised an eyebrow. she doesn’t like to be fooled and this looked like an atempted to delude her. What man in good conscience offer his daughter as payment for a debt? Well at the end, one of them would become her slave anyways, and Quinn certainly would enjoy having a sweet young woman to saciate her own pleasure.  

"Ok, then. I accept your offer. Your daughter will be mine until you pay off what you owe meShe saw Hiram crying after the vampire talked and cleaning his eyes behind his glasses while Leroy’s eyes double it sizes, not believing what he had heard. “Now, out and bring her to me.” The vampire said, with her more frightening tone so the couple realized she was not kidding.

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